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"Souqleb" Background

Souqleb started with four friends

4 friends

life concerns and travel separated four university friends for many years. Days have passed and they met again in Lebanon mid-2016.

Souqleb provides comprehensive services


"SOUQLEB S.A.R.L" was found to be a Trade Company that provides family members needs covering all of their different interests and tastes, through the new electronic means and social media channels which have become part and parcel of the international commerce especially in America and Europe

Souqleb adopts a straight strategy

straight strategy

The goal is to be a leading company in the field of e-commerce through using the latest and most important channels and means which include at the same time the ease, comfort, and safety.

why souqleb?

Souqleb provides unique services

unique services

The company's activity - electronic part - is divided into 4 main sections: Items & Goods, Services, Matjari & Souq News

Souqleb provides professional services


Vision is to build a long-term relationship of trust with the customers by providing exceptional services based on a continuous strive for creative and non-traditional ideas.

Souqleb is always up to date

up to date

To emphasis on creativity and innovation keeping away from mimicry. Customer's needs is the economy backbone so meeting these needs is the secret of success.

Market facts

International e-commerce sales

(In Billion US Dollars)

Souqleb international market facts

Arab World e-commerce market

(About 7 Million Dollars)

Souqleb Arab market facts


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